Wooden Birthday Number – No.1


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This Wooden number are hand carved from Albesia wood by hand and whitewashed for that trendy look. A whole village on the banks of Mount Agung are employed making our orders.

I have told you about the nice couple that run this business before. He is the village head man and happy to keep all his village in jobs.

Why Numbers? Well, I was visiting an old friend a bit back sat in his front room drinking wine and talking about the old days. On a bookshelf by the telly was a lovely carved number 60 surrounded by pictures from his sixtieth birthday celebrations.

"My wife made that for me" he explained. What a nice gift I thought, and had the idea for wooden Numbers. Then I thought what if there was room for a night light candle in the top of the letters.

Great now the letters can be used as a kind of Birthday Cake – you can blow out the candles. Could even go on top of a cake, or in a floral arrangement. A perfect birthday gift and also useful as a simple stylish candle holder.

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